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實驗室特色:本實驗室之宗旨為精進電腦視覺 (Computer Vision)相關領域之研究與應用,發展方向不僅需契合產業需求,並須挑戰技術瓶頸之突破。

Name of Lab:Artificial Vision Laboratory

Research Interest:Deep Learning and Computer Vision

Characteristics of Lab:The core of this laboratory is to improve the research and application development of computer vision-related fields, which needs to meet the needs of the industry and challenge the breakthrough of technical bottlenecks.



Age Transformation


Due to the recent progress made by state-of-the-art deep learning approaches, the development of facial age transformation algorithms has become an attractive research topic in the fields of computer vision. Given a face as input, the facial age transformation refers to the generation of facial images for the input face but with older or younger ages in the sense that the identity of the input face can be well preserved. This is a challenging task due to the intrinsic complexity of the facial appearance variation caused by the physical aging process, which can be related to individual physical condition, gender, race and other factors. It has received increasing attention in recent years because of the effectiveness of the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based approaches, the availability of large facial age datasets and commercial potentials.


3D 重建

3D Reconstruction


A 3D scene reconstruction system using RGBD camera is developed which takes in multiple views of the scene and merges them into a real size reconstruction of the 3D scene. In addition to 3D scene reconstruction, the system can also reconstruct 3D objects.



License Plate Recognition


LPR on Turtlebot is to replace and reduce manual operation.The robot uses ROS system in Linux.Using Kinect which is set on the Turtlebot to plan path and set 2-D map.The most important thing is that it can automatically cruise.


License Plate Detection and Tracking


After the system obtains the real-time recording, the recording is cut into photos according to each frame, and the pure motion model is combined with the deep network DAN for license plate detection and tracking.

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