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研究專長:人工智慧之機器視覺預估、衛星影像、2D/3D 轉換技術、Multi-view video coding、視訊編碼、視訊傳輸、影像處理及應用、FPGA 設計與應用、電路設計

Name of Lab : Video Signal Processing and Application Lab

Research Interest:Artificial Intelligence for Machine Vision Prediction, Satellite Imagery, 2D/3D image conversion, 3D/multi-view video coding, video communication, video compression, image processing, robot fish, and FPGA system application.

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IR video and object detection

透過IR 熱成像技術,透過熱輻射強度的不同偵測出影像中的特定物件。

Using IR thermal imaging technology to detect specific objects in the image based on variations in thermal radiation intensity.


Hovering Like A Hummingbird


Simulating the scenario of a CubeSat performing an aerial photography mission, where the UAV successfully takes off, hovers in the air, and then lowers the camera to capture images of the ground.


SAT-video coding in satellite board


Applying H.264-like compression technology on FPGA and then decoding it on a computer.

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