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Name of Lab:Design Automation Lab

Research Interest:Reliability-Based Design Optimization, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Machine Vision, Industrial Robotics

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2023/04/20 台科大/北科大 協作機器人技術展示

2023/04/20 Demo of Robot Obstacle Avoidance

在台南展示了一項合作研究,其中包括機器人的避障技術(由Po Ting Lin提供)、人體動作識別技術(由Chao-Lung Yang提供)、以及光學人體導引系統(由Ching-Yuan Chang提供)。


A collaborative research (robot obstacle avoidance from us, human motion recognition from Chao-Lung Yang, and optical human guiding system from Ching-Yuan Chang) was demonstrated at Tainan.


Obstacle Avoidance Planning for a Six-Axis Robotic Arm


The arm’s workspace is segmented into cubes with a side length of 150mm to identify the location of obstacles. Utilizing a 3D camera, the environment is observed, and point clouds within the arm’s workspace are filtered to determine if there are obstacles along the path. The cubes containing the obstacles serve as indicators for calculating risk values. Ultimately, an optimization algorithm is used to compute a new obstacle-avoidance path, which is then returned to the arm for obstacle avoidance.



High Payload Autonomous Mobile Robot System

本研究開發一高負載工業型路面載具,總重量超過700公斤,能夠承載超過1噸的重量,本載具備有麥克納姆輪,可於工廠內任意移動及旋轉。在載具上方平台的基礎上,整合工業型機械手臂以及感測器模組,將整車有效負載提高至 70 公斤,並使 LiDAR 及慣性量測單元(Inertial Measurement Unit, IMU)作為資訊融合,提升定位以及機械手臂控制精準度。

This research develops a high payload industrial road surface vehicle, with a total weight exceeding 700 kilograms and the ability to carry a load of over 1 ton. The vehicle is equipped with Mecanum wheels, allowing for arbitrary movement and rotation within a factory environment. On top of the vehicle platform, industrial robotic arms and sensor modules are integrated, increasing the vehicle’s effective payload capacity to 70 kilograms. Additionally, LiDAR and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) are utilized for information fusion, enhancing positioning and precision control of the robotic arms.

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