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Name of Lab:Mechatronics Lab

Research Interest:

(1)Bionic Robot Design and Motion Control

(2)Robot image servo system development

(3)Robot force feedback electromechanical system development and control

(4)Smart Structure Active Vibration Suppression Control

(5) Piezo Actuation System Design and Precision Motion Control



Development of wall-jumping robot with climbing claws


The research was inspired by the concept of lizards adjusting their body landing posture by flicking their tails during mid-air jumps. Based on this idea, a novel hook-climbing robot was designed and developed. The researchers successfully demonstrated that this robot can continuously move in a continuous upward jumping manner on vertical walls.


Development, locomotion and control, and implementation of novel bio-inspired transverse ledge climbing robots

研究團隊針對「抓握凸起物連續攀爬動作」、「橫向飛躍抓握桿件」分別獨立設計兩種機器人並開發其相關實現技術,研究目標則是開發具複合式運動步態之全新攀爬機器人。於2018年成功實現橫向飛躍抓技(ricochetal brachiation)運動步態,並陸續開發可攀爬具高低落差橫向凸桿場景之仿生機器人、以及提高此攀爬機器人適應不同場景能力之混合運動步態研究;其研究成果獲得台灣智慧型機器人研討會最佳研討會論文獎第一名與最佳學生論文獎第一名,初步成果亦預計於學術期刊發表之。

The research team independently designed two robots for “continuous climbing on protrusions” and “sideways leaping and grasping of bars,” respectively. Their objective was to develop a novel climbing robot capable of composite motion gaits. In 2018, they successfully achieved the sideways leaping and grasping motion, known as ricochetal brachiation, and subsequently developed a biomimetic robot capable of climbing on bars with varying heights and a mixed motion gait study to enhance the robot’s adaptability in different scenarios. Their research achievements were awarded the first prize for Best Conference Paper and Best Student Paper at the Taiwan Intelligent Robot Symposium, and the preliminary results are also expected to be published in an academic journal.

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