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Name of Lab : Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory

Research Interest:Image processing, pattern recognition, robot vision, computer graphics, augmented reality, Multimedia Technology, intelligent computing.

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Research Highlight 1: Development of Humanoid Recognizing Piano Scores Techniques and Implementation of a Two-Hand Playing Piano Robot.

Abstract: This project is to develop a playing piano robot which can real-time recognize printed piano scores, and then play piano by itself. In order to more understand the effect on improving the quality of life, we implement this playing piano robot and hope that it can attract more people to extend the application of such an entertainment robot system.



Research Highlight 2: Sign Detection and Recognition Technology for Autonomous Robots Navigating Indoor Environments

Abstract:  This project mainly develops sign detection and recognition technology that can be used in autonomous robots in indoor environments, and uses the information provided by signs to achieve the goal of guiding the robot to complete the assigned tasks.

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